George Fisher Company started its business in 1802 in Switzerland as one of the biggest manufacturers of piping systems.

The company has 125 subsidiaries and 48 manufacturing plants providing over 60,000 types of products for safe transfer of liquids and gases.

The high quality, low weight and corrosion resistance of polymer products are outstanding among the characteristics of the company’s products.

Precise quality control, experienced staff and continuous improvement have led to the high quality of George Fischer’s products, which has enabled the company to make a significant contribution to the piping market around the world.

Oxin Farayand Pars Co. with high technical and operational capability, has been appointed as the sales agent of Switzerland Company, George Fisher in two industrial poles, special economic zones of Mahshahr and Assalouyeh. So far, it has been able to provide guarantee services to petrochemical companies in these two industrialized ports.