Graphite electrode

Graphite is a conductive medium that allows electricity to flow through it. This piece of conductor is used to pass electricity at a high scale. The important application of graphite electrodes is in the passage of electric current in electric arc furnaces. The electric arc furnace method is one of the steel production methods used in steel production units. There is no graphite electrode production in Iran, so the country’s need for this material is met through imports. Various methods of steel production, such as blast furnace and pure furnace methods, are associated with environmental pollution.

Steel production in electric arc furnaces is environmentally friendly due to the absence of pollution and is considered a clean fuel. Graphite electrodes play an important role as the main part in the passage of electricity in these furnaces. They also have a consumable role and need to be replaced. Therefore, the supply and purchase of graphite electrode is one of the needs of steel producing units. Until now, due to existing restrictions, it has not been possible to produce it inside the country.

The production technology of needle coke is available to several limited countries in the world such as America, Germany, Japan and China. These countries are strict in transferring needle coke production technology to others. In the following, we will examine and explain the production process and application of graphite electrodes.

Graphite electrode is produced and supplied in three types: HP, RP and UHP. Various types of graphite electrodes are used to transmit electric current in electric arc furnaces, however, the HP type electrode with the ability to pass a high electric current is used for casting operations and the UHP type electrode is used in potila furnaces under very high electric current. The diameter of graphite electrodes varies from 100 mm to 700 mm. Of course, in some production units, the diameter of the electrodes is 200 mm or more.

It should be noted that Pars Exin Process Company is one of the main importers of this strategic material and is the exclusive representative of the KNX brand in Iran.

Also, this company has the possibility of supplying and importing graphite electrodes from Fangda, Kfcc,… brands directly and without intermediaries at a competitive price.