In steel production, it acts as an oxygen remover, and also in its casting, it makes steel stronger and harder, and increases its elasticity and magnetism. Ferrosilicon is also used as a nucleator in the production process of cast iron due to its high graphite properties. This material is used to separate and reduce heavy materials. Ferrosilicon will have its own special application for the Pedigon process in the production of magnesium. Silicon is used in the production of pure silicon semiconductor in the electrical industry and silicon copper in the chemical industry.

Applications of ferro-silica

Oxidizing agent from molten steel
Sprouting agent in cast iron
Graphite electrode production in welding
Production of persilic alloy steel and cast iron
Production of ferrosilicomagnesium (FeSiMg) and ferrosilicomanganese (FeSiMn)
Chemical composition control agent in melting melt from the furnace to the crucible
Brittle agent in the production of ductile iron
A source of silicon in the electrical and copper industry