Ferro chrome

Iron-chromium alloy contains 50-70% chromium. Chromium is a very strong ferrite element, and the presence of about 13% of chromium in the steel composition limits the austenite phase in the microstructure. By increasing the percentage of chromium, the corrosion resistance of steel increases and its oxidation resistance increases at high temperatures. The presence of chromium causes the noses of the TTT diagram to shift to the right and increase the hardness. However, with an increase in the percentage of chromium, their welding will be difficult. For one percent increase of chromium in steel composition, the tensile strength of steel increases from 80 to 100 MPa. This element greatly increases the corrosion resistance and strength of ferrite, but has a moderate effect on the hardening of the austenite phase. In high carbon steels, it increases wear resistance. High-carbon ferro-chromium is used in the production of engineering steels and low-carbon ferro-chromium is used to adjust the percentage of chromium without significant change in carbon.

Application: To increase the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance in the production of all kinds of steel